Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogoversary Give-a-away #1

15 Days to go.. just about:
So everyone who comments on this post between now and Feb. 24th at midnight PST. Will receive $15 off the regular price of May's Retreat.


Denise &; Griff said...

I am feeling the need to go to a scrapper's retreat! You all sound like you have so much fun and heaven knows I need to be surrounded by creativity. I deal in black and white words every day! ARRRGH!!

I live fairly close so I think I could just drive in every day - but I bet I would miss a lot of the fun at night, right??????

Trisha said...

Shucks I missed it!

Candice Barnhoorn said...

Darn you should had told me about this sooner, you know me I would had left a message in a heart beat. Nice seeing you today, glad to see your feeling better.