Sunday, March 30, 2008

checking in..

I was going to wait until I got back to post but...
Today was great day at the the first Las Vegas Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreat. Four WhoGas ladies were here including Nan who had to head back already. Wish we had taken a group photo maybe someone can photoshop us here in Vegas. Jennifer you would be so happy to hear Joanne won The Paper Element layout contest. YEAH, JOANNE!!
Well too tired to think.... SLEEP... I can not wait for SLEEP. Good night

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Well, I made it! I took the longest detour ever. First, I had to take my daughter to school in Palm Desert, then back the 25 min. drive to our house... add a few final items to the other car and back in the direction of Palm Desert and Las Vegas. Yeah! I am on the road before 10am. Small stop at a gas station to meet Jennifer. (Elena she now has those totes and the receipt) Also had to get Marie's Girl Scout cookies. Note to everyone: Jennifer still has yummy in my tummy Girl Scout Cookies (I take bribes LOL). Then I was going to stop for a few minutes and say "Hi" to my mom while I wait for Marie G. to catch up so we can caravan. Over an hour later I am finally on my way. Once I got close to Vegas traffic, traffic, traffic. Did you know Vegas was a hot spot for Spring Break? But I made it!
Just got back from checking how the set-up is going for our weekend of FUN!! There was an extremely helpful man doing a great job with all those tables. That's right one guy to do all that work. He was even nice & friendly when I wanted to make some changes since we had some last minute cancellations... anyone want to join in the fun for a discount since we have the room and food? I would love to be able to give the ladies who had a family emergency some of their money back but can only do so with your help. Call my cell if you would like to come: 760-791-6304
In honor of Trisha realizing that she won our last prize.. I need to give another one away. This one goes to Jennifer Priest. I spent time surfing the Internet and checking my website referral and put every one's name, blog, or website that had links to: Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats or MyCTMH in a bucket and drew one slip. Jennifer please contact me to claim your CTMH goodie and thank you to everyone who is referring Desert Scrappers or MyCTMH. More prizes to come soon. Shhh.. but it might have something to do with Retreats. So if you have been on the fence this might be a great time to sign-up, make a payment or inquire more information. Until this Retreat is over, Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interactive pages by Sherrill with Stampin Up

If you love pages that are interactive, you will love this class! You can put 11 large photos on this on 12X12 page. I'll teach you how to put it together. It's not hard. Once you learn to assemble the page you can do all sorts of great pages!
Each photo is still covered with a sheet protector so they will be safe from dirty fingers. As you can see a small page and be layered onto a med page onto a large page.

This samples shows a hidden attachment. These are perfect for more photos and leave plenty of room for journaling.

Hinges are made with our round tab punch like the ones on this page. With this technique you can make great little books to use for gifts.
You will learn a single page on page a hidden attachment and a multi page on page in this class. You will receive a pack of papers and all the supplies needed to complete these 3 pages.
I will also offer no shipping for any orders placed that day. Plus if you order a lot you can qualify for Free Hostess goods!
This is my original idea, please don't copy it for resale. Thanks!
Sherrill Graff

Black & White and PINK All Over

Hi, this is Nan, one of Laura's regular instructors at her Desert Scrappers Retreats. This photo is of one of my layout classes for the Las Vegas retreat this's called Black & White and PINK all over, and features a cute pink felt border, flowers and bling. Also included in this class is instruction and supplies for a 4X3 mini book using the Zutter Bind-it-All. My classes always include extra goodies and fun. Hope to see you in Vegas or at future Desert Scrappers Retreats!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It happened..

UPS messed up one of my packages... they delivered it to the wrong address. It was all the CTMH goodies for Las Vegas! Luckily I have a strong & (sometimes) helpful hubby who went to the other similar addresses and rescued all the goodies.
So other than the fact that my back went out this weekend.. I am ready for our very first Las Vegas Retreat!! In other Vegas news I am still trying to firm up another date but having trouble since the hotel only likes to book 30 days out. So please note: anyone who registers for our tentative Vegas date before contracts are signed will be eligible for a full refund. But the Retreat will be either June 27-29 or 20-22.
Magic in the Making: I am there! It's official.. I registered for the 2008 Close To My Heart Convention in Orlando, FL July 31- August 2. I am in the Topiary group with my fellow Inkloaders. But still haven't figured out roomies. The family is staying at home so please let me know if you want to be my roomy. I consider myself to be a nice, non-smoker, non-snorer who loves chitchat & fun people. This will be my first convention even though I have attended Leaderships and Regionals. Would love it even more if you would like to pop into DisneyWorld for an extra day!
Psst! Play Lucky Email Game April 1st!! Plus an extra no fooling deal: sign-up to be a CTMH consultant now and get over $400 value of goodies for $150 but you also get all of April-June without any min. sales requirements. Not to mention a special gift from me personally! Sign up

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well it already happened, I haven't been here for almost a week. Yikes! Like anyone who has been neglecting duties I have lots of excuses:
1) It was finals week
2) Leia has not been sleeping good again so I am tired
3) I gave a lot of my time to Leia's school (Tikvah)
and the best reason
4) I have been organizing my scrap room. I wish I had before pictures but here is how it looks now, that it's organized. haha!
To the right is the stack of items that I am taking to The Las Vegas Retreat March 28-30. This is on top of all my Close To My Heart items that are in the garage.

More updates to follow later, when I have gotten some rest.
Trisha... I haven't heard, please claim your prize so I may give another goodies away!

Friday, March 14, 2008


My man in brown has always been a little weary of delivering to my house. When I moved to here in July '06 he rang the door bell for the first time and left my small package at the door. As Leia ran to the door with excitement he waved from the driveway. "That was nice" I thought but realized how spoiled I was at my old house where the Man in Brown knew Leia's nap times and would wave at the window before coming to the back door during those 'quiet times'. He even carried large boxes into my Scrap room so hubby wouldn't know. Now this MIB was another story: As time passed his steps became swifter. Last Fall when he brought my 200 CTMH Idea Books, I saw him coming with the dolly so I headed to the door to greet & thank him... next thing I knew the bell had been rung and he was in his truck. "Bye" I mumbled as I began to lug boxes into my house. Earlier this year he stopped bothering ringing the bell and just left packages at the front door. I thought that was bad but it doesn't compare to now. Several times this week I have been home all day then when my hubby gets home he states "another package for you, is in the driveway" Is this a extra busy time of the year for packages? I thought that was December. When did it become OK to leave large boxes on someones driveway, in plain sight? Is he afraid I will ask him to do more work or worse yet... Thank him for my delivery. Luckily I know all my neighbors and they are nice. Plus none of them Scrapbook so they have no use for all my goodies! LOL

Here are some of the items that have arrived in the recent days:

1. Teresa Collins
  • Journaling notes
  • Black/pink stripes
  • xoxo
  • heart w/ wings
  • crown diamonds
  • Damask (3 different varieties)
2. Scor-it products

3. Zutter products

4. Lynne Moore's March Retreat Donation items

5. Fisk-a-deal pink scissors (yikes! I ordered 10)

6. Little Yellow Bicycle
  • Epoxy words
  • Project sheets (boy colors)
  • Epoxy buttons
7. Small misc. purchases for Retreat give-aways

In honor of all my CHA and beyond orders arriving safely despite my MIB. I will be giving Trisha Jones (the first person to post a comment on my blog) a little gift from my recent deliveries. Trisha please give me your address or where I will see you next so you may claim your goodie.

I will be trying to give goodies away often on this blog.. maybe I will even figure out how to get one of those logs that shows who is coming here and where they are from. So I may give goodies to more than just the people who comment. Currently, I am checking cyber space to see who has Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats, My CTMH website or this blog linked to them. Good-bye until I need to stall finals studying again.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am certified!!

I have been trying to get the Fiskars certification to be a Demonstrator. I finally did it, yesterday morning. And as a extra special treat Amyre came to my house for a personal one-on-one session. She is up in Victorville tonight training Jennifer Priest and who ever else decides to join the fun.

Desert Scrappers March 28-30th Weekend Retreat has sent out itineraries. Left hand side of this blog offers teacher and Vendor list.
Classes that will be offered:
Open to all: Retreat attendance not required
Saturday March 29th

10:00 am
Three layouts and a mini book class $25
Nan- Scrapbook Alley and former Zutter Zister

About Nan:
Nan has been a photographer and scrapbooker since childhood, when she got her first 110 instamatic camera. Those photos, along with self-adhesive photo albums & doodled captions, started Nan on her scrapbooking journey. She attended a CM workshop prior to her first daughter's birth in 1995, and bought every cute paper, sticker and die-cut known to the industry! Dozens of scrapbooks and countless mini-projects later, Nan has discovered a newfound love and addiction to the creative aspects of contemporary scrapbooking. Nan's designs can range from clean and classic, to edgy and unstructured. She considers herself an "accidental scrapper, since she usually does something creative and unique purely by accident or late at night.
She currently serves as one of the founding Zutter Zisters - ambassadors & design team for the Bind-it-All and DreamKuts tools; and is also on the design team for the Red Bee craft/scrapbook store in Tustin, Ca. She teaching and attends crop events throughout S. California. And she works full-time in the advertising and marketing industry, as a Media Director, and currently works at an advertising agency in Orange County.. You can learn more about Nan from her blog:

About This Class:
This class is all about making the most of the supplies and items in your kits. We will attempt to leave no materials unused as we complete three one-page layouts and a mini book! Using your choice of kit from Frances Meyer ("Iceland", "Florence" or "Paris") we will make three coordinated single page layouts using lovely double-sided paper, chipboard, paint, stickles, ribbon and buttons. After that we will use whatever is left over to make a cute 4X3 mini book using the Zutter Bind-it-All. This is a great intro to this custom punching and binding tool. Anything goes as we use up all the supplies in this non-stop, fast paced class!.
supplies needed: paper trimmer, glue dots, quick-drying wet adhesive, dry adhesive, black ink or chalk, scissors, craft knife, self-healing cutting mat.

11:30 am
Black & White and Pink all over $15
Nan- Scrapbook Alley and former Zutter Zister

About This Class:
This class is those who are ready to try something new! We will start by making a one-page layout using black cardstock and bright pink FELT trim! We will adorn with rhinestones, flowers and a giant paper clip. Your choice of title - either "laughter" or "sweetness" will finish off this absolutely girly layout! After that we will use the Zutter Bind-it-All to make a cute 4X3 mini book using paper from me & my BIG ideas, ribbon and metal embellishments. This is a great intro to this custom punching and binding tool. Class is limited to nine students.
supplies needed: paper trimmer, glue dots, quick-drying wet adhesive, dry adhesive, black ink or chalk, scissors.

2:00 pm
Advance "page on page" class $42
Sherrill Graff- Stampin' Up Demonstrator

About Sherrill:
I have been a Stampin Up demonstrator since 1991. I have a large team of downline demonstrators that work with me. We teach classes and hold 3 events each week here in Las Vegas. Once a month we have a demonstrator shoe box swap, customers are invited to join us. They are held on the first Thursday of each month. A shoe box swap is where each participant brings a project for everyone to make and we all go from box to box and make them all.
My husband and I have 4 children and a great son in law. They are all very creative and enjoy all sorts of arts and crafts. My daughters both scrapbook and the younger one is also a SU Demonstrator. I have lived in Boulder City Since I was 18, My parents grew up here and my Grandparents lived here too.
I enjoy living close to Las Vegas for the shopping and the friends. Boulder City is nice and quiet. It's a small friendly town. We spend a good part of the year at Lake Mead wakeboarding and water skiing. My family all love the water.

About the Class:
In this class you will make 3 new interactive pages. Once you learn these 3 fun new layout ideas you can create wonderful varieties of each page. The first one has a 6x6 on a 12x12 page that opens up. Because we use different size page protectors your photos are always safe. The second page has a hidden attachment. This page allows you to put goofy photos behind the fold out concealing those moments for only friends who lift the page.
The last page you will learn has a row of 6x6 protectors on top of a 12x12. This page allows you to showcase 11 large photos and still leaves room for a title and journaling.

The class includes double sided papers, a selection of page protectors and a roll of sticky strip. Each participant will also receive a great gift from me. Please bring a personal cutter, your scissors and adhesive. You may also wish to bring your camera so you can take photos of all my other pages. You will see how great these "page on page" ideas are and how useful they will be for your future scrapbook creations.

3:00 pm
Extreme(ly) Fun Cards $15.00
Lynne Moore

About Lynne:
Lynne Moore likes to say she has been scrapbooking over most of her life. With artists on both sides of her family, Lynne thinks she was born into art and has dabbled in drawing, painting, stained glass, batik, interior design and rubber stamping before having it all come together in scrapbooking. Definitely attracted to the tons photos to be put into albums, doodles and stories while growing up, Lynne came upon the modern scrapbooking scene in the usual way; she started in earnest after her kids were born. The addiction has continued from there and teaching papercrafts was the next logical step. She has enjoyed working with new and experienced crafters for the last several years and finding it fantastic fun to see what different creations can come from a single simple idea. A consultant with Topline Creations (TLC) since 2004, Lynne says, "the photos and stories are my purpose, but the art is my hobby." Lynne is an actual Las Vegas native. She has been married to George or almost 20 years (this August) and has 2.5 children. Two, Sean and Kylie, are the human kind and are teenagers. The half is 4-legged, furry and 50lb lapdog named Cowboy Roy and he's is the subject of alot of layouts. Lynne also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and really enjoys breaking boards with her feet. You can view TLC products at and see some of Lynne's layouts at

About This Class:

What to do with those bits and pieces? Learn a formula for making a set of 6-9 cards from (1) TLC "Extreme" paper kit. Don't get boxed in by the theme of the kit, break out of the pack. Fun to use for page additions, too. Bring: 12" trimmer and favorite adhesive(s) (Envelopes included)

All of the vendors/teachers represented at Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats are independent of Desert Scrappers and are independently responsible for all of their products, services and actions. Thank you.

Offered Saturday March 29th 9am- 4pm

Plus our Charity Fund Raiser:

Raffle for Prize Basket(s)- Going on Now

Each retreat we like to give back to a special cause.

Dessert Scrappers is Proud to support Scrapbook Royalty in their fundraising efforts. Right now they have 3 raffles going on for 3 amazing prizes:

Ticket Cost

1) $3000 Gift certificate for Bradford Renaisance Portraits.
This certificate includes the sitting, plus one 16x20 wall portrait on canvas richly embellished by a renown artist.
Tickets are just $20 each

2) $1000 Gift certificate for Rowley Portraiture
This includes one photographic session of an individual child age 3 and above, plus one 14" portrait on canvas with lavish artistry.
Tickets are just $10 each

3) Brand new Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter $300 value
Just $10 per ticket.

Visit their website to purchase tickets

Coupon time:
Earn Free Retreats!
Refer NEW guests!
Receieve a thank you discount!*

2 guests= $5.00 off the next retreat
3-4 guests= $15.00 off the next retreat
5-6 guests= $25.00 off the next retreat
7-9 guests= $75.00 off the next retreat
10-11 guests = $100 off the next retreat
12 or more guest and YOUR next retreat is FREE!!**
Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

Finally on a personal note: Jason's grandmother, Grandma Gregory stopped by for a visit on her way back to Curlew, WA. It was the first time in almost 2 years that she saw Leia. They has a great time! Leia got an extra special treat by skipping school & sleeping in. Bye.. Back to studying for finals for me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I finally did it...

joined the world of blogging that is!
Here is my disclaimer: I will try to keep this blog up-to-date, fun and informative. But I am a poor writer and have school papers that should take priority over blogging. I promise not to be upset if someone reminds me that I have not up dated my information. And please remember it's a work in progress. Thank you!