Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well it already happened, I haven't been here for almost a week. Yikes! Like anyone who has been neglecting duties I have lots of excuses:
1) It was finals week
2) Leia has not been sleeping good again so I am tired
3) I gave a lot of my time to Leia's school (Tikvah)
and the best reason
4) I have been organizing my scrap room. I wish I had before pictures but here is how it looks now, that it's organized. haha!
To the right is the stack of items that I am taking to The Las Vegas Retreat March 28-30. This is on top of all my Close To My Heart items that are in the garage.

More updates to follow later, when I have gotten some rest.
Trisha... I haven't heard, please claim your prize so I may give another goodies away!

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LuvJones said...

No..don;t give it away!! Pretty please LOL! =)