Monday, March 24, 2008

It happened..

UPS messed up one of my packages... they delivered it to the wrong address. It was all the CTMH goodies for Las Vegas! Luckily I have a strong & (sometimes) helpful hubby who went to the other similar addresses and rescued all the goodies.
So other than the fact that my back went out this weekend.. I am ready for our very first Las Vegas Retreat!! In other Vegas news I am still trying to firm up another date but having trouble since the hotel only likes to book 30 days out. So please note: anyone who registers for our tentative Vegas date before contracts are signed will be eligible for a full refund. But the Retreat will be either June 27-29 or 20-22.
Magic in the Making: I am there! It's official.. I registered for the 2008 Close To My Heart Convention in Orlando, FL July 31- August 2. I am in the Topiary group with my fellow Inkloaders. But still haven't figured out roomies. The family is staying at home so please let me know if you want to be my roomy. I consider myself to be a nice, non-smoker, non-snorer who loves chitchat & fun people. This will be my first convention even though I have attended Leaderships and Regionals. Would love it even more if you would like to pop into DisneyWorld for an extra day!
Psst! Play Lucky Email Game April 1st!! Plus an extra no fooling deal: sign-up to be a CTMH consultant now and get over $400 value of goodies for $150 but you also get all of April-June without any min. sales requirements. Not to mention a special gift from me personally! Sign up

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LuvJones said...

Wow...what a close call!!!