Friday, July 31, 2009

More to come...

From my facebook update since I don't have internet access on this trip

Laura R Miller recovered from the flu only to run out of town for Leia's b-day celebration in Disneyland. Final on the internet again but only for a moment since I am at CTMH Leadership in Long Beach. I will have lots to share when I return

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Thanks to Nancy K, one of my CTMH sister I know Nana is well and starting to recover. I can not say as much for myself though. Retreats always wipe me out but everything with Nana has been especially hard. Then of course I was going to play catch-up and Leia came home yesterday sick. Starting around 6pm she threw-up regularly until the wee hours of the morning. Now almost 24 hours later she is finally not throwing up and I got some Tylenol in her so her fever broke, YEAH!! Sadly, she still hasn't wanted to eat but luckily the leftover Ginger Ale from my pregnancy has helped her keep hydrated.
I little update on what has/hasn't been done:
- all CTMH orders have been placed
- no checks or payments have been processed/ deposits
- September's Retreat will be addresses 30 days out

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Nana

Sorry I have been MIA. Here is my update why:

First I was hoping to recover from the wonderful DS Scrappy Weekend in which I got some scrapping done since Shelia G. took care of most of the on site hosting. Thank You Shelia! But then I got a frantic call from my mom, Sunday night. My 91 year old Nana passed out for some unknown reason. My mother performed CPR and someone called 911. Nana was rushed to UCLA Medical Center. All I knew by the early hours of Monday was that Nana was in lots of pain and nothing not even the max dose of Morphine could help.
We don't know much more on why she passed out it could have been related to her dementia. Good News is she is making a fast recovery even though she still has a lot of pain. And for some reason can not feed herself (maybe related to the pain?) We still don't know when she will be released.

Hopefully after all this craziness I can start on my recovery from the retreat and lack of sleep, if that is possible with a 2 month old. Soon our regular updates and information about September's Retreat will start.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Away I Go...

This Weekend's Retreat-
At Desert Scrapper Retreats, we believe in providing the best Retreats available. Desert Scrapper Retreats works with you to provide a fun and relaxing weekend at a price you can afford. Serving you is our top priority, while keeping prices down. We hope to answer all of your questions. Making personalized accommodation is our pleasure, please feel free to ask for whatever you desire.
Embassy Suites Included Meals:
Friday: Manager's Reception
Saturday: Breakfast & Manager's Reception.
Lunch is catered, buffet style especially for the Desert Scrappers.
Sunday: Breakfast

To book please visit:

New Add-On Packages: Include Thursday July 9th, night stay and early entry to the scrap room.
* only 1 add on package needed for each hotel room