Friday, March 14, 2008


My man in brown has always been a little weary of delivering to my house. When I moved to here in July '06 he rang the door bell for the first time and left my small package at the door. As Leia ran to the door with excitement he waved from the driveway. "That was nice" I thought but realized how spoiled I was at my old house where the Man in Brown knew Leia's nap times and would wave at the window before coming to the back door during those 'quiet times'. He even carried large boxes into my Scrap room so hubby wouldn't know. Now this MIB was another story: As time passed his steps became swifter. Last Fall when he brought my 200 CTMH Idea Books, I saw him coming with the dolly so I headed to the door to greet & thank him... next thing I knew the bell had been rung and he was in his truck. "Bye" I mumbled as I began to lug boxes into my house. Earlier this year he stopped bothering ringing the bell and just left packages at the front door. I thought that was bad but it doesn't compare to now. Several times this week I have been home all day then when my hubby gets home he states "another package for you, is in the driveway" Is this a extra busy time of the year for packages? I thought that was December. When did it become OK to leave large boxes on someones driveway, in plain sight? Is he afraid I will ask him to do more work or worse yet... Thank him for my delivery. Luckily I know all my neighbors and they are nice. Plus none of them Scrapbook so they have no use for all my goodies! LOL

Here are some of the items that have arrived in the recent days:

1. Teresa Collins
  • Journaling notes
  • Black/pink stripes
  • xoxo
  • heart w/ wings
  • crown diamonds
  • Damask (3 different varieties)
2. Scor-it products

3. Zutter products

4. Lynne Moore's March Retreat Donation items

5. Fisk-a-deal pink scissors (yikes! I ordered 10)

6. Little Yellow Bicycle
  • Epoxy words
  • Project sheets (boy colors)
  • Epoxy buttons
7. Small misc. purchases for Retreat give-aways

In honor of all my CHA and beyond orders arriving safely despite my MIB. I will be giving Trisha Jones (the first person to post a comment on my blog) a little gift from my recent deliveries. Trisha please give me your address or where I will see you next so you may claim your goodie.

I will be trying to give goodies away often on this blog.. maybe I will even figure out how to get one of those logs that shows who is coming here and where they are from. So I may give goodies to more than just the people who comment. Currently, I am checking cyber space to see who has Desert Scrappers Weekend Retreats, My CTMH website or this blog linked to them. Good-bye until I need to stall finals studying again.

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LuvJones said...

Thanks Laura! =)
Sorry you had to haunt me are now on my list of bloggers to check daily!! =)