Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Update

So you may have noticed that the baby count down on the right hand side has skipped a few days. Here is why:

I went to the doctors last Thursday and I am dilated. She said she could stretch me to 4... it is going to be sooner than later. We scheduled a May 1st induction. This is to be the latest I will deliver. Doctor also had me do a ultrasound with the high risk tech on Saturday. Even though she isn't suppose to tell us anything unless it's go straight to labor and delivery. But she did since Jason offered to fix her home PC. In fact she gave us the deluxe treatment. So I know lots... baby already weights 6lbs 14oz, placenta is ripe and close to ready. Head is in position. She has been doing these kinds of ultrasounds for 30+ years and her guess is the baby is coming this week or maybe in 10 days. She said there is no way I am making to the May 1st induction date. Oh! baby has long legs.. surprise, surprise! With Jason as the daddy.
The contractions I have been having have been doing lots since 2 weeks before I wasn't even all the way at 1.

We will know the winner of the FREE RETREAT soon!

I leave you with our latest Baby Miller picture. And don't forget to give name suggestion.. we are still deciding. Prizes to be won!

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Candy said...

Oh I bet you are so excited to have this baby and start feeling better. Please let me know if you need anything, you know I am here. Good luck and take care