Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Game 1

In celebration of my wedding anniversary we will be playing two games!

1. Name your Retreat Price

2. Guess the Gift

June 12- 16, 2009 ONLY


Name your Retreat Price!

This is good for the July 10-12 Palm Desert Retreat only. It works very similar to Priceline.com or PriceBreakers. From June 12-16, I will be accepting bids for the July Retreat*. These bids must include if you would like a day rate or an entire weekend and any other retreat details. Also please include if you have preferred roommates or are open to being assigned a roommate or two. You must include the method of payment you plan to use too. I will then notify everyone if their bid has been accepted or not by 6pm Wednesday, June 17. Please do not bid unless you will be able to attend the July 10-12 Retreat in Palm Desert, CA. Be prepared to pay within 72 hours of acceptance of your bid (June 20, 2009 @ 6pm)

Example bid:

Laura Miller

760-791-6304 or Scrapbooking4Fun@gmail.com

Bid price $160 maximum of triple room- no known roommates

Please non-smoker & FYI: I crop late, not early

Request for all weekend only- No Saturday catered lunch required

Will be paying with Credit Card- Visa

Please email all bids to: Scrapbooking4Fun@gmail.com

Some rules haven’t been included, here. Please contact Laura for any question/concerns.

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