Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A scary night....

I can not believe it's Wednesday already... my long weekend was crazy!
We had a great family day on Saturday, I was feeling fairly well. After sleeping in a little the family headed out to Circuit City to check out the liquidation sales. This seemed like perfect timing since we usually spend Super Bowl/Jason's birthday in Vegas but are not going this year due my health. Then after finding that almost every Blu-Ray player in the store was already sold we had some pizza lunch at Lamp Post Pizza and Brewery. yummmy! Last stop on our outing was Costco. I can not remember the last time I felt well enough to shop on a Saturday at Costco. It was so good to be in the land of the living again. Once we were home it was rest time for me, isn't funny how we fight naps as children and then yearn for them as adults.
.... Now to the scary night, Sunday was a lazy day for the family and as usual Jason watched hours of football. Late Sunday night, I was already in bed, Jason decided that even though Monday would be a holiday he should set out the trash just in case. We have missed the trash before and it was better to put it out a little early than to miss it all together. In his late night hurry, he forgot to close the garage door. (secretly I think he was trying to sneak a last cigarette before he quits next month and that's how he forgot, LOL silly men) Anyways point being the garage was left open.
Skip ahead to us trying to get ready to go to the new Dinosaur exhibit Mr. Rex that's inside the Palm Desert Mall. In my warped pregnancy brain I could not remember for the life of me where I put my purse. There are only a few places in the house that I usually set it but it wasn't in any of those places. Not that long ago Leia had gone through a hiding phase. So I drilled her for the details to where my purse went... no luck. She promised that it wasn't her and understood the threat that we couldn't go see the dinosaurs if I didn't have my purse. After getting Jason involved in the hunt he asked about some cash he gave me. **side note Jason has been working hard on extra computer repairman jobs so I can get a few baby items and take care of the extra medical bills from me being so sick. So if you know of someone who has a computer issue, he is your man. end side note** He had given me about half the cash from the extra jobs and wondered if I moved my purse to put the money in my wallet. All of sudden my brain began to return and I remembered that I had set my purse down with the groceries from Saturday and the cash was on a TV tray in the living room. All not there now. I was in shock. I drilled Leia again but knew she couldn't have reached the purse only the cash. After moving furniture we realized what had happened. We had been robbed! I called the police and began to try to recall everything that was in my purse. Once the police were here a neighbor let us know that his house alarm has gone off on Saturday and the front lock had been tampered with while he was at the dunes. The last 2 days have been a blur of calling credit card companies, going to DMV and getting a new cell phone.

Things that I have come from this incident:
  • Since I had all contact numbers in my cell phone, please call or text me now that I have replaced my phone so I may be able to call you.
  • Indio DMV has some rude employees
  • Apparently my wedding coordinator never files the vital static records so my marriage has never been processed or become legal. Yes, that right after over 3 years of marriage I find out that I am not really married.
  • Jason finally put all the extra chain locks on the doors so little ones can not escape from the house. Yes, he also put new locks/bolts on all the doors.
New improved door:
  • Cell phones are the biggest scam... in my next life I am going to sell phones.
  • We are so lucky that are family is safe and everyone seems to be sound sleepers. Who knows what would have happened if we had woken up and had confronted the robbers.


Since we had to postpone our April Vegas Retreat, I am looking into having a small intimate Retreat for those of us who can not wait until May or September is too far.
This Retreat would be a chance for me to get somethings done too. Just typing that is exciting! So very few frills or give-a-ways. Mostly it would be a chance to come to Palm Desert (area) for a girls get away. I would still have it at a hotel (or looking into having it hosted) so we don't have to do the majority of the cooking. Otherwise I am open to suggestions and dates. Please comment on this post so I may have all the ideas in one place. Looking forward to scrapping with all my new friends!

And I haven't forgotten about my Vegas ladies... I am still working on a new date that I can host or having a friend who also does retreats host as soon as possible so you ladies can get that much needed scrap time in.


Scrappy Nan said...

laura, glad you and jason and leia are all ok. sorry about the cash and credit card nightmare. bummer!
let me know what you come up with for the getaway - no promises i could come, but it's nice to dream. xoxoxox

Jennifer C. said...

Hi Laura..I am so glad to hear that you are OK.

Congratulations on "its a boy"!!!

See you in May if no sooner.

Jennifer C.