Monday, September 15, 2008

Extra Retreat Goodie

For an extra goodie
comment on this post:
Let me know what part of the September Retreat
you are looking forward to the most


Jennifer Priest said...

Um, the classes -- hello?! Isn't that the best part? Actually, if I were attending the full weekend I'd be looking forward to those yummy huevos rancheros the hotel serves at Breakfast--I've been dreaming of them since JANUARY!!

Crystal said...

Girl Time, No Husband! and cooked to order breakfast!

Glenda Morden said...

I can't wait for the "time" to scrap. This is my first retreat so I'm looking forward to the whole experience to spend an entire weekend to create treasures for my kids!!!!!

Janya Warmuth said...

Uninterupted scrap time!!! My goal is to finish my 2007 pictures, I have about 1/2 of the year left. Thank goodness there is someone there to do massage, because I'm going to NEED it by Saturday afternoon! I really like the variety of classes being offered too. I'll have to take at least one. SOOO excited about our weekend!!!!

Candice Barnhoorn said...

What am I looking forward to the most. Scrapping, No husband, No kids, and spending time with friends on my birthday. Yes Saturday is my birthday and I am spending it scrapping.