Monday, July 28, 2008

organizing, travel and specials

Well, after many days of working on my scrap room you can see progress. I have to call this a stopping point since I am leaving for Orlando, Fl and the bi-annual CTMH Convention in a few hours. (more about that late)
Here are my pictures so far:

Most are taken for the doorway of the room... but I feel like there is enough space in the middle of the room for a sleep over.

Sadly, the room is almost completely full but there is still a lots of stuff in the garage and a huge piece of furniture in the hallway of the house. I hope to move the piece of furniture into the other bedroom so Jason can make it a work station for all his computer repairman jobs and the TV for our guests.

Here is the beautiful new organizer area. Seems to be full of items mostly for upcoming Retreats. HAHA! So I plan to have more space for my personal things soon. I have decided to give in a get a Clip-it Up.. there seems to be a shortage of them, though. I went this weekend to the Rubber Stamp & Scrap Expo and checked at all the booths, no luck. So I ran over to the always friendly Auntie Amy's and they had only the 7gypsies version.. BooHoo! but I did have to take some extra time even with hubby and daughter in the car waiting for me to see that they had new Jenni Bowlin (for those of you who don't know she lives in Nashville which is my want to be home town. LOL) stuff including a display of a very cute card. So if you know where to get a good deal on a Clip-It Up, please let me know and there will probably will be some reward in it for you too. I am looking forward to finishing this huge project but so far so good.

Travels & Specials
Yes, I am up and about again. Just in time to have hopefully caught up on all my emails and to turn around and leave town. But this is for a good reason: I am off to enjoy the humidity of Orlando, Fl with my fellow CTHM leaders and then the CTMH Bi-annual Convention. I am glad to say I will be inside most of the time learning, viewing new products, shopping and scrapbooking. Usually at this event we (consultants) get an extra early sneak peak at the NEW Fall Idea Book and a chance to order some of the new goodies. I am really looking forward to this part.
As a special offer to everyone ALL CTMH orders placed on my website
or via email while I am gone will receive a 15% discount. That's right between now and August 4th everyone will receive 15%, that is almost the same price as consultants. But it gets better, then on August 5th my website will be having a Clearance Sale with Free Shipping for orders over $75. Sneak peak of the items to be cleared out. I look forward to sharing my exciting trip from the road with you all.


Jennifer Priest said...

Hey Laura.

The Scrappin Table has Clip It Ups. I am going there Friday if you want me to pic one up for ya...great looking room too!

Cindy said...

Gosh, Laura it is looking great. You're an inspiration to me!