Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Summer is the time for playing outside and enjoying the long days except... if you live in the desert. Summer in the desert is time for indoor spring cleaning. LOL So that is what I am doing. Even though I should be packing for my Orlando trip to the bi-annual Close To My Heart convention I am starting a new (huge) project.

So here are my before pictures. On the left is the extra stuff that has been piling on top of the extra bed in the extra bedroom. Sorry no room for guests.

Then the right, top-ish is the soon to be paper area. The good news for both you and me is that all that stuff is for the upcoming Retreat September 19-21, 2008. So it will be cleared out soon and many of you will be able to take it home with you.

OK! There is no excuse for this area... I know you can not tell but this is suppose to be my personal scrap space. There is a nice table somewhere in that mess and who knows where the chair I am to sit on is??

So I would call this the most organized part of the room. I may not move everything around but some of these drawers have nothing in them and others have scraps leftover from when I had kid scrap night in my old house. Sad that I never cleaned them out but now Leia will have something to play with when mommy is scrappin'. I hope to make a small area that she can use so we can both hideout while Daddy (Jason) is playing computer repairman.

I think I am running out of excuses.
More wasted table space on the left.

The right hand side is the leftovers of last time when I organized but this time is going to be a complete over haul.

At this point almost everything that is not furniture has been removed from the room and hubby has agreed to build me a system that can be used for scrap goodies now and as a closet later. Hopefully this will officially make the "den" into another bedroom. Wish me luck, I have to get everything done this weekend. Otherwise I might now be able to find the supplies I need to take with me to Orlando. More updates to follow soon!

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Jennifer Priest said...

Wow Laura!! Looks like an awesome space--good luck with all the cleaning.