Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sad News for the Miller Family....

Late last week Jason, myself and even Leia loaded up into the car to make the drive out to Palm Springs to find out if Leia was going to have a little brother or sister. We knew that it was about a week before they usually can tell but we found out early with Leia and was hoping for the same results this time too.
The drive was exciting for all of us and once again Leia expressed how excited that she was to share her toys and her bed with a baby sister since girls are better than boys. After a short discussion she was warming up to the fact that a brother would be fun too, especially for Daddy. I was very excited that we had finally found a doctor that fit more of our needs even if she was all the way in Palm Springs. Thank you Marion Champion for the great referral.
Well the appointment did not go as planned. Once the Ultrasound part of the exam started; The (new) doctor was surprised at how small the baby was... this was not a big deal to us since I had been unsure about the exact conception date so maybe I wasn't as far as long as expected, surprising since I had already had an ultrasound in June and they had given me a smaller window for due date but no big deal. Then the image appeared clearer on the screen and I began to show Leia the head and arms , etc of the baby. This is when Jason said he thought there was a problem but I was wrapped up in sharing with Leia. I then explained to Leia is we looked closely we could see the flicker of the heartbeat and later we might be able to hear it. About 10 more minutes past with the doctor examining the monitor. Still I thought nothing of the long exam. Once the doctor finished she then turned to us and explained how she could not detect any signs of a heartbeat. I sent Jason to take a walk with Leia as I discussed with the doctor what else we could do.
So to make this long story shorter...
Here I am at the hospital waiting for surgery. Don't I look great?
Good news is everything went well, surgery wise. I am now at home recouping and getting to spend some time with my hubby.
We are emotionally recovering from the shock of losing the baby
but know everything happens for a reason. Leia is is the one with the least understanding. Last night she told us that if the baby is sick at the hospital she (remember Leia wanted a girl) is lonely without our snuggles and company. If she comes home it will be all better.
This is the time that we realize how truly special it is that we were lucky enough to have Leia and each other. Thank you everyone for your kind words and patience.

Good News
Now that I am in recovery, I will be playing big time catch-up. Final plans will be made for September's Retreat and I am looking forward to more scrap days ahead in the near future.
And as of now we will not be limiting the attendees to the Retreat unless the hotel runs out of room. This is to no ones fault since I simply did not confirm the entire banquet room. Register now to confirm your spot!!

Here is who we are planing to have in September (not confirmed):

Nan Paturzo
Jennifer Priest
Judy Graham (ScrapYard)

Crystal from Little Crop Shop
Anita with her group of ladies and Creative Memories
Massages by Rachel
ScrapYard 329
Andrea with Mary Kay

Can not wait to see everyone soon! And Thank you again.

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Jennifer Priest said...

Ahhh man Laura!!! You just handle everything like a trooper. I would likely not be able to get up and keep on going like you--more power to you! And yes, confirm me for Sept! I will be there!!