Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Name- contest

Saturday was a lovely party. Kelly worked so hard to make sure I had nothing to do except relax... it was so nice. I was really touched by the distance many of my friends came just to celebrate with me. Thank you all!
Leia had such a good time swimming with all the kids and Jason loved playing poker with the 'men', thanks Peter for bringing your shuffler.

Now on to the next task at hand, picking a baby name! So I thought we would have a contest. I am looking for more ideas for Baby Boy Miller to be named. If we use one of your suggestions you will win a prize basket full of scrap goodies.
Things to consider:
  • I would like something unusual to go with the Miller last name
  • No crazy spellings needed
FYI- Our names
Hubby's name: Jason Lee Miller
My full name: Laura Rene'e Miller
DD name: Leia Aurora Miller



Donna said...

Great unusual do you want it?

Luke, Charlie, Sam, Josh

Shelly Walden said...

Joshua Wayne Miller
Jerod (Jarod) Wayne Miller
Joshua Levi Miller
Justin Wayne Miller

robin said...

Jack Miller
Michael Miller
Jack Michael Miller!!


camille said...

Dillon Samuel
Jordan Samuel

Congrats!!! Saw your baby shower pics.

Crystal said...

You can find out how many people have that name on this site.

Just not Zane!

michelle said...

Hi I saw that you were doing on your face book page and I thought I would play along. . .

Logan David

Kenneth Robert

Matthew Joseph

Scrappy Nan said...

Ashton Luke Miller
Marston Levi Miller
Peter Paturzo Miller
Marcus Levi Miller
Jonah Jason Miller
Reginald Levi Miller
Alec Elijah Miller

emily said...

Jackson Ryan or Jason Ryan (Jack or JR, for short)

Or middle name Daniel (so J.D.)

The Lewis Family said...

Zachary Lee Miller
( I like using family names )
Ryken Lee Miller
Erik Lee Miller
Anthony Lee Miller


Jeanne said...

Aaden Justin Miller
Caleb Lee Miller
Cooper Jay Miller
Colton Lee Miller

kerri said...

Gavin Miller. My favorite name for a boy and unfortuantely my hubby doesn't care for it. I am prego and if I have a boy that's what I wanted. :(. Good Luck

Denise....the Glitter Queen said...

Joe Jack Miller
Aaron Michael Miller

Suz said...

Well since you went with an "L" name for you DD maybe a "J" name for DS...

Jesse Lee Miller

Kierstin said...

How about

Jacob Anthony Miller
Liam Anthony Miller

Gimmeahaller said...

Hudson Lee

Good luck to all!

Penny said...

my personal favorite boys name (first and last) is Matthew Elliot. Of course, I am his mother so what can I say?

Penny said...

oops! I meant first and middle... lol

momof4boys said...
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momof4boys said...

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Blogger momof4boys said...

ok as I post again.....I thought that the name that were here you would have picked one......but NO! JK
so, I will throw a few more names your boys' names,
Kirk Charles
Darren Craig
Troy Lewis
Luke Trever
if they are used by you I would be honored.....good luck with delivery all us woman need all the luck we can get when it comes to that time...:) <3 J

Sherman Unkefer said...

How about Jaleila Miller,