Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogoversary Give-a-way #4

Sadly, these give-a-ways are all going to just a few readers.

On the 8th days before the blogoversary...
We want to give more scrap goodies away.

Share that we are having give-a-ways and win prizes... lots to be given!
Including a random drawing, getting referrals, most creative sharing and much more.

Simply post on your blog, website etc that there are lots of chances to win especially between now and March 10th. Then post in the comment section how I can view you sharing the 'love'. If you don't have a blog etc send your friends here to comment and mention your name. (Don't forget to comment yourself)

Please help me I have to give lots of goodies away to make room for baby!


Goofy said...

I posted your info in my "group" on Facebook. I just started the group so there is just 1 member to it thus far. Here is the link, I hope it works for you!


Candice said...

I will go to the meetup group and tell them to visit your blog, and I will forward to a few friends in Email. No blog for me as of yet, I have started setting one up but not ready yet.

PuffinLover said...

I will post info on my Facebook page. Happy cropping! Oh, Candice, referred me to your blog. :-)

Candice said...

You beat me to the meet up group, but I responded to your comment and told everyone to go to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Colleen said:

Here is my posting :)

Jennifer C. said...

Ok, Laura, I am so behind the times on the computer. I do not have a blog and I am still learning facebook. But I did send an email to a couple of friends...so hopefully they respond and post a comment.

Jacquie Hart said...

I have posted it over on my blog and announced it in my forums